Testing Center Introduction

Testing Center Introduction

The testing center is the experimental service platform of CODACA Electronics Co., Ltd, founded in 2016.The testing center has more than twenty professional experimenters and an expert consultants team, and owns advanced test instruments, of which international famous brand equipment accounts for more than 70%.

The testing center has passed the audit of China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment(CNAS) and obtained CNAS accreditation certificate. The CNAS accreditation indicates that the testing center has the ability to carry out testing services within the scope of authorization according to the internationally recognized standards. The testing center will provide strong technical support for CODACA product quality improvement and innovation research and development.

According to ISO17025, the testing center has established a platform and system, set up failure analysis laboratory, reliability laboratory, electrical testing laboratory, etc., and has world-famous brand of experimental equipment, which can analyze and study the material characteristics, failure mechanism, structural characteristics, reliability and electrical characteristics of components. The testing center has a perfect service system and scientific, accurate and professional testing technology, and meets the testing requirements of automotive electronics AEC-Q200 and other standards.

Test items

R&D experiments of electronic materials

Electric performance test of electronics

Reliability tests

Failure analysis of electron components

Microstructure analysis

Characterization, element analysis