Design Tool

Power Inductor Loss Comparison

■ Finds Isat and Irms curve for the quickest look at all choices with your desired CODACA part No.

■ Quickly analyze and compare losses under certain condition with one or more part numbers of choice.

■ The loss values are calculated by theory, which may deviate from the actual test, for reference only.

If you have already identified suitable CODACA part numbers, you can only input Frequency, Ambient temperature , Operation current and Ripple current etc relative data, Power inductor loss comparison tool can calculate AC loss, DC loss, DC bias, temperature rise condition and shown with graph. It will help you find the best solution easier.

If you did not find the suitable power inductor, CODACA “Power inductor finder” can recommend a inductor list according to your input parameters. 

Your input condition is Frequency 50 KHz, Ambient temperature is 70 ℃, Operation current is 10A; The following data, “Y” means Yes, “N” means No.

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