Automotive Products

CODACA Electronics is devoted to providing high-value products and services for the automotive market, cooperating closely with automotive electronics engineers to provide continuous support for customers to choose the right inductor. Focus on research and development of magnetic core materials, and optimize the design of coils and inductors to reduce power loss during voltage conversion. Automotive inductors of CODACA are manufactured in factory which got IATF 16949 certification, and have CNAS accredited laboratory. They can be independently tested and certified in accordance with AEC-Q200 standard. PPAP could be provided according to customer requirements to facilitate end customers to select and approve. The development of new products and processes shall meet the requirements established in the advanced product quality planning (APQP) process.

Core technologies of CODACA Automotive group are:

Automotive Electronics Innovators in magnetic component technology.

Automotive Electronics Powerful research and development capabilities for automotive grade inductors.

Automotive Electronics IATF16949 and ISO9001 certificated factories.

Automotive Electronics Fully automated precision manufacturing.

Automotive Electronics CNAS accredited laboratory.

Automotive Electronics Capable of independently completing AEC-Q200 tests.

Automotive Electronics Independent development of core materials.

Automotive Electronics Digital management enables full process traceability.


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Power Inductor

Automotive Products

Automotive Products+150℃
Molding Power Choke
Automotive Products+155℃
Automotive Products+165℃
Automotive Products+165℃VSHB-T
Automotive Products+165℃
Automotive Products+165℃VPAB
Inductor for Digital AMPAutomotive Products+155℃
Automotive Products+155℃VSAD
Rod Inductor
Automotive Products+150℃


Common Mode Choke
Automotive Products+125℃VSTCB

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