Design Tool

Product Feature Finder

■ Promote the CODACA product which is closest to your design requirements for different application fields.

■ Input optional items to find out the best solution recommended by CODACA.

■ Warm tips: please consider the actual working temperature, application environment, current margin (recommended current margin > 30%) and other precautions when selecting the inductor.

The Product Feature Finder is mainly to facilitate you to find the inductor which meet the application field quickly and effectively , and save development and design time for you. If the design is from other application fields, you can also use CODACA Power Inductor Finder to search.

Product parameters


图片 免费样品 型号 电感值

(μH) 公差 温升电流

(A) 饱和电流

(A) 直流电阻


(mΩ) 总损耗

(mW) 长

(mm) 宽

(mm) 高

(mm) 封装 屏蔽 磁