CODACA has more than 23 years experience on magnetic components and we developed series of magnetic components,including High current power inductor, Molded power inductor, Molding Power Choke, Common mode choke, Inductor for digital AMP, Drum core inductor, Magnetic core.

Magnetic core R&D and production

Customized magnetic product

PLM, MES systems quality control

Online design tools

CNAS certificated lab

Fast samples and technical support

Application Description

This high performance magnetic components are designed based on established close partnerships with renowned customers, helping engineers breakthroughs the technological problems in energy storage power supplies, automotive electronics, medical electronics, industrial control, audio amplifiers, and other fields, ensuring the provision of efficient, highly reliable, and highly reliable power supplies.

Application Description

CODACA’s power inductors and other magnetic components enable power innovation and enhance power efficiency, and we also offer free online design tools to help engineers to select the most suitable inductors for the designs based on their complex and special application requirements.

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CODACA Automotive Power Inductors

For today's highly reliable design requirements, CODACA offers a full range of automotive grade magnetics components to improve efficiency, safe, and highly reliable in automotive applications.

CODACA has served customers in tier-one automotive manufacturers and module manufacturers in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

IATF 16949, ISO 14000 certified factories

CNAS Qualified Lab

AEC-Q200 testing in-house


Maximum ambient temperatureApplications
High Current Power InductorsVSRU
Application Description+150 ℃

* Entertainment/navigation systems
* BMS: battery management systems
* A2B and MOST for on-board digital audio
* On board motor driver
* LED drivers,OBC, Car lighting
* DC/DC convert
* 360-degree surround view camera systems
* Water pump, oil pump, electric motor, power supply

Application Description+150 ℃
Molded Power InductorsVSEB-H
Application Description+155 ℃
Molding Power ChokeVSHBApplication Description+155 ℃
VSHB-HApplication Description+165 ℃
VSABApplication Description+150 ℃
Inductor for Digital AMP
Application Description+155 ℃
Automotive Grade Rod InductorsVRKLApplication Description+150 ℃

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Super High Current Power Inductors - Enhances Power Efficiency
CODACA has established a testing center and material analysis lab with a team of experts who specialize in magnetic materials and product failure analysis.  With these advanced facilities and expertise, we are able to self-develop the magnetic core, and we have introduced series of super high current power inductors to meet the high temperature, and high current of the energy storage power supply, photovoltaic applications.

Application Description


Server power supply

Photovoltaic inverter

Industrial power supply

DC/DC power supply; DC/AC inverter

5G communication power supply

SMPS power supply

Energy storage power supply

Charging pile power supply

Battery testing equipment

Agricultural drone

Solar energy, Wind energy

Hybrid vehicles applications

Product features:

High temperature: Industry leading temperature stability

Operation temperature up to +155°C with no thermal aging

High Saturation: up to 300A

High Reliability

Increased power conversion

Utilize cutting-edge magnetic powder technology achieve low loss

Flat wire: high utilization of winding space delivers low DC resistance

Customize available

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Customization Capability of Magnetic Products
Customizing products, samples, testing, mass production---all the way fast support

For the past 23 years, CODACA has been dedicated to improving its R&D capabilities in Magnetic technology. We can customized the power inductors and magnetic core according to the customers special needs, and help designers expedite the development of an optimized design.

CODACA’s  testing center and material analysis lab with a team of experts who specialize in magnetic materials and product failure analysis to ensure that our products meet the highest industry standards.

● FeSi/ FeSiAl/FeNi Core Manufacturing

● Advanced Metal Alloy Powder Cores

● Molded Construction Techniques

● Litz Wire / Flat Windings

● Automation Equipment Team

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CODACA Power Inductor Online Selection Design Tools

In order to simplify high current power inductor selection, CODACA developed the free online magnetic products selection design tools to make it fast for engineers to select the right components to meet their increasingly complex and demanding application requirements.

Click this Design tools to make your work easier.


CODACA has focused on developing and manufacturing quality power inductor to serve tier-one global manufacturers for more than 23 years. Through material research and development, CODACA products are built and certified to quickly meet specific customer requirements. CODACA supplies high quality power inductor, common mode choke and customized transformer to these markets: automotive, medical, power supply, industrial, alternative energy, digital amplifier, telecommunications, and motor control.

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