Reliability Test Lab

Reliability test laboratory is mainly responsible for the reliability monitoring of product design, materials, engineering changes and other reliability research experiments. It can carry out all kinds of reliability tests: environmental aging reliability test, mechanical stress reliability test, Solderability reliability test, etc.

Reference Standards:

● GB/T8554-1998

● AEC-Q200 REV D 2010-6-1

● GB/T2423.2-2008

● GB/T3177-2009

● MIL-STD-883L:2019

● GJB548B-2005

● GB/T2423.22-2012

● GB/T2423.10-2019

● JESD22-A119:2015

● GB/T2423.1-2008


● GB/T2423.3-2016

● GB/T2423.60-2008

● MIL-STD-202G

Test Item

Package Vibration Test

Package Dropping Test

Board Bending Test

Terminal Strength Test

Vibration Test

Mechanical Shock Test

Solderability Test

Welding Heat Resistance Test

Steam Aging Test

Neutral Salt Spray Test

Steady State Temperature Humidity Bias Life Test

Loading At High Temperature(Life Test)

Low Temperature Storage Test 

Temperature Characteristics Test

Change Of Temperature Test 

High Temperature Storage Test