Full-bridge Converter

Dead-time between high side switch and low side switch is the time that one of the two is ON but another one is OFF switching or vise versa, it is very risky when a narrow dead-time is possibly been set inside the operation sphere, because when both of the two switches are conducted there the power source (here as PVDD) will be directly grounded and cause circuit short – which is called as shoot through. To bet-ter prevent this from happening the half-bridge configuration is usually replaced by full-bridge converter.  And as mentioned above the charge stored in half-bridge single output inductor will be commutated
back to source when another switch direction is ON, which pulls the current flowing back to source. This pumping effect seriously degrades Class D amplifier with high harmonic distortion.
In full-bridge conversion, two output inductor chokes are driven separately by two switches each side. No charge pumping occurs in full-bridge converter set up here, because energy will be consumed in the other side of the switching leg when counter-direction current are circulating.

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