Molding Power Choke VSHB0754T Series



Molding Power Choke VSHB0754T Series

Product Introduction:

CODACA has developed a new automotive-grade molding power choke VSHB0754T series, which is available in 15 inductance values from 1.5microhenry to 68microhenry. It is qualified for AEC-Q200 Grade 0 (-55℃~+165℃ ambient), making it ideal for automotive, DC-DC converter energy storage and high current filtering, car lighting and other high-temperature applications.


Product Characteristics:

It’s designed with composite structure and hot pressing molding, which has lower resistance value and effectively eliminates the risk of layer-to-layer short. The saturation current is from 2.4Amps to 14.2Amps, the soft saturation is stable over temperature and enables high peak current handling. Magnetic shielding reduces EMI at high switching frequencies.

Saturation Current Curve:


Temperature Rise Current Curve:


Environmental Standards:

They are RoHS/REACH compliant and halogen-free.

Production Status:

Also can provide AEC-Q200 test report, the mess production lead time only 6 weeks.