High Saturation Molding Power Choke CSEC Series





CODACA has launched a new high saturation molding power choke CSEC series,  is available in sizes 0630, 0660, 0850, 0880, 1090, 1510 the inductance range from 0.15μH to 22μH.

The SMT high-current inductor represents an extension to the CSEB series and differs from it only by a newly developed high performance magnetic powder. As a result, CSEC as in performance-achieves the best saturation behavior among comparable components on the market. The choke has a current carrying capacity of up to 53 Amps.

Extremely Low DC and AC Resistance:

CSEC series flat coil winding can provide extremely low DC and AC resistance, realize high power and low-temperature rise and minimize the loss of products.

The bottom electrode design is suitable for high-density mounting and saves PCB space.

The structure has excellent anti-vibration performance and its fully shielded coil minimizes radio interference to a very low level.

CSEC series also feature with high Q value and low resistance even in high frequency and up to + 125 ℃ high-temperature applications.



CSEC series can be widely used in high current power supplies, DC-DC converters, POL converters, motherboards, or battery-powered equipment.

Operating temperature:

-40℃ ~ +125℃ (including coil heating).

Environment Standard:

Molding Power Choke CSEC series features RoHS, REACH-compliant, Halogen-Free.