High Saturation Molding Power Choke up to 53 Amps



Oct 22, 2021, Shenzhen-CODACA, the global leading high current power inductor manufacturer has launched a new high saturation molding power choke CSEC series,  is available in sizes 0630, 0660, 0850, 0880, 1090, 1510, the inductance range from 0.15μH to 22μH.

high current power inductor

The SMT high-current inductor represents an extension to the CSEB series and differs from it only by a newly developed high performance magnetic powder. As a result, CSEC as in performance-achieves the best saturation behavior among comparable components on the market. The choke has a current carrying capacity of up to 53 Amps.

Extremely Low DC and AC Resistance

CSEC series flat coil winding can provide extremely low DC and AC resistance, realize high power and low-temperature rise and minimize the loss of products.

The bottom electrode design is suitable for high-density mounting and saves PCB space.

The structure has excellent anti-vibration performance and its fully shielded coil minimizes radio interference to a very low level.

CSEC series also feature with high Q value and low resistance even in high frequency and up to + 125 ℃ high-temperature applications. 


CSEC series fixed inductors can be widely used in high current power supplies, DC-DC converters, POL converters, motherboards, or battery-powered equipment.

Environment Standard

CSEC series molding power choke features RoHS, REACH-compliant, Halogen-Free.

Production statue

As with all CODACA parts, CSEC series has been in mass production and samples are available.

Visit CODACA online design tool to check losses now.

CSEC0630 Series:大电流电感CPEX新增CPEX2017L、CPEX2022L两大系列(图4)CSEC0630.pdf

CSEC0660 Series:大电流电感CPEX新增CPEX2017L、CPEX2022L两大系列(图4)CSEC0660.pdf

CSEC0850 Series:大电流电感CPEX新增CPEX2017L、CPEX2022L两大系列(图4)CSEC0850.pdf

CSEC0880 Series:大电流电感CPEX新增CPEX2017L、CPEX2022L两大系列(图4)CSEC0880.pdf

CSEC1090 Series:大电流电感CPEX新增CPEX2017L、CPEX2022L两大系列(图4)CSEC1090.pdf