Small Size and Ultra-low Loss Molded Power Inductor for ADAS Camera Power Supply



22 September Shenzhen-CODACA, the global leading high current power inductor manufacturer has launched new CSEB0420H series high current molded power inductor is available with inductance values from 0.047μH to 2.10μH and current ratings as high as 50 Amps with size as small as 4.3*4.3*2.0mm. The significant improvement in volume and high current make the CSEB0420H series an ideal choice for ADAS camera power supply and other power supplies which need high current and small profile. 

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Lightweight design

CSEB0420H series SMD inductor lightweight concealed electrode design suitable for high-density surface mounting technology, which resulting save PCB space. 

Low power losses (AC and DC)

CSEB0420H series fixed inductor die-casting by low loss alloy powder features rugged, composite construction that provides magnetic shielding to reduce the magnetic core losses and minimizes audible buzzing. Flat coil design allows the CSEB0420H series to reduce the AC losses caused by the coil skin effect in high-frequency applications.

Electrical Characteristics:

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Saturation Current Curve:

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Temperature Rise Current Curve:

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There is a reference design such as 'ADAS power reference design with improved voltage supervision'. As the picture shows:

Small Size and Ultra-low Loss Molded Power Inductor for ADAS Camera Power Supply

Environmental standard

Molded Power inductor CSEB0420H series features Halogen-free, RoHS, REACH-compliant.

Production status

As with all CODACA parts, the CSEB0420H series has been approved for mass production and free samples can be provided to clients after inquiry.

CSEB0420H Series:大电流电感CPEX新增CPEX2017L、CPEX2022L两大系列(图4)CSEB0420H.pdf