New Molding Power Choke with Mini Size Achieved 4.7A High Saturation Current



September 2021, Shenzhen-CODACA, the global leading high current power inductor manufacturer has launched a new SMD shield molding power choke CSHB and CSTB series, which are designed by die-casting with low loss alloy powder that is available in three sizes and five different types. High saturation current achieves a maximum of up to 6.9 Amps and offers minimum typical DCR(29mΩ) to minimize losses. CSHB and CSTB series working well at high switching frequencies and mini size make them ideal for electronic devices with a very low profile for portable device smart phones, tablets, notebooks, and digital cameras. 

High Saturation Power Inductor

Electrical Characteristics

Shielded Inductor

Environment requirement

The new mini molding power chokes features Halogen-free, RoHS/REACH compliant. 

Production status

The new mini molding power chokes have been in mass production and samples are available to clients after inquiry.