AC Power-in

For powering the PLC and kinds of motor drives or operation machines,  the implemented ACDC power converter has to be scalable up to several KWs,  thus PFC (Power Factor Correction) and LLC converters (or equivalent isolated soft-switching topologies) are normally populated for achieving high PF (Power Factor) and low harmonics (THD – Total Harmonic Distortion or THD+N) as well as higher power effi-ciency, to be compliant with specific EMC regulations and power qualities.

Suggested Codaca products for input filter stage: CPSQ (high current high frequency CMC) / CPTR (high voltage CMC) / TCB (high impedance CMC) / PK / PKS (high voltage differential chokes)

Suggested Codaca products for PFC stage: SPBL / SPRH (high voltage small choke) / CPFS (high inductance low Rdc choke) or customized PFC chokes

Suggested Codaca products for LLC power stage: CPER  (low loss at high frequencies) / CPCE (Lr) / CSCF / VSRU

Suggested Codaca products for secondary outputs or auxiliary power choke: CSEC  / CSEB / CSFU / CSFI (Lout)

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