Power Supply for Vital Sign Measurements

By medical standards such as IEC 60601-1 or ISO 80601-2, both the digital data signal chain and power line should be implemented in isolated configuration for multiparameter patient monitors. Normally 5KV between primary and secondary grounds (or digital grounds to analog grounds) should be compliant with, to prevent ground loop currents and leakage currents flowing through patients’ body, regardless of whether the system is power by mains offline input or battery. The power supply should be also efficient in order to avoid causing any significant heat dissipation, as well as being quiet as generally required by hospital environment or by ISO 4871 which defines a sound level of < 29dBA should be compliant with. Last but not least, the supply current ripple should be strictly limited as low as possible and for that reason LC filters are always carefully placed on secondary side for clearer DC supply to sensitive ADCs (Analog to Digital Converter) that taking precision measurement of patients’ vital signs.

Suggested Codaca Products : VSAB / CSEB / CSAC / CSEC / VCRHC (or customized isolation power transformer)

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