Design Tool

Power Inductor Finder

Input inductance range, average current and ripple percentage to search the matching CODACA inductor part No.

■ Input the required and optional items to find out the best solution recommended by CODACA more accurately and quickly.

■ Warm tips: please consider the actual working temperature, application environment, current margin (recommended current margin > 30%) and other precautions when selecting the inductor.

CODACA power inductor finder is easy to operate. According to your actual design requirements, input relevant data in the options in turn, quickly search a series of possible solutions, and then select the appropriate inductor according to the actual needs. If you have already identified suitable CODACA part numbers, you can skip the search function and proceed directly to “ Power inductor loss comparison” for performance analysis.

Product parameters

The condition you entered is: Frequency1(KHz),Working Temperature1(℃),Working Current1(A);The following data content Y stands for YES (YES) and N for NO (NO)。