Automotive electronics is everywhere in vehicles today for advanced driving assistance, experience and safety guarantees. Despite of wider out-door temperature and wild humidity like environmental vari-able requirements, systematical functionalities with modern thinking are making automotive electronics becoming a fast expanding vast market for all segments of semiconductors as well as passive comp- onents and connection parts. Body control unit of cars (also the place of central multi-domain controllers) are managing all different in vehicle networking today. To pursue lighter car body, smarter control system, and also reliable operation under harsh environments, the components applied in automotive has to be qualified or pre-defined in ways that making sure malfunction or failure is under bearing limitations or compliant with certain regulations, so that additional warrantee tests and liability measurements have to be applied to automotive parts compared to other applications.

For most products that Codaca producing for automotive electronic purpose, AEC-Q200 qualification is applied to, but still: please make sure to consult with Codaca before you make actual production of automotive electronics or devices where Codaca products were placed in, please be aware of that - all application in this way but not been specified to Codaca will be termed as liability exemption to Codaca. So, in case of any need to specify application in automotive while using Codaca products, please contact with us at .