High Current Power Inductor CPRX2520L Series




Product Introduction:

CODACA has developed a new high current power inductor CPRX2520L series with extremely high saturation current up to 110Amps and high efficiency, the inductance values range from 2.2 microhenries to 10 microhenries.

Product Characteristics:

It’s magnetic powder core with an extremely low core loss and soft saturation characteristics to withstand the high peak current.

The flat wire design utilizes the magnetic core winding space effectively to achieve high current and low DC resistance, the DCR only 0.38mΩ, which can reduce DC loss.

The inductor’s performance is stable and less affected by the ambient temperature. Even if it continues to work at 150°C high-temperature environments, it can still maintain a stable inductance value and DC bias capability.


Saturation Current Curve:


Temperature Rise Current Curve:


The size only 25.0*20.0*21.75mm, which can reduce the PCB space compared with inductors with the same electrical performance.



CPRX2520L series is often used in VRM, high-power DC-DC convertor for new energy, automotive electronics, energy storage equipment, photovoltaic industry, etc.

Operating temperature:

-55℃ ~ +150℃ (including coil heating).

Environmental Standards:

They are RoHS/REACH compliant and halogen-free.

Production Status:

CPRX2520L series design with the magnetic powder core technology, which was independently developed by CODACA and can customize products. CODACA has a variety of solutions in material preparation and manufacturing, the delivery date is only 6 weeks

CPRX2520L Series:新推出车规级大电流电感VSRU27系列(图7)CPRX2520L.pdf