CODACA Introduces New Family of SMD High Current Power Inductor



September 2021, Shenzhen-CODACA, the global leading high current power inductor manufacturer has released the CSCM family of high-performance, high current power inductor includes three new series: CSCM1265, CSCM1460, and CSCM1480 series.

All CSCM family inductors feature small size with three terminal weldings, low DC resistance, and magnetically-shielded package to minimize EMI. They are available with more than 10 inductance values from 0.3µH to 47µH, saturation current ranges from 2.4 Amps to 87.6 Amps under a 25°C working environment.

Small size with three terminal welding

CSCM1265, CSCM1460 and CSCM1480 series fixed inductors with small size :

high current power inductor


SMD Power Inductors


power inductors


The addition of a third terminal welding position on the base of the product can effectively improve the mechanical stability of installation on the PCB.

Exceptionally low DC resistance

CSCM Family SMD inductor features a flat-wire construction, resulting in exceptionally low DC resistance and further enriched the product portfolio. The DC resistance ranges from 0.87mΩ to 23.5mΩ while the working temperature is form -40°C to +125°C. All above can be widely applied in various power supplier, including point-of-load power (POL) converters, DC-DC converters, high-current switch-mode power supplies, inverters in photovoltaic systems etc. The CSCM Family inductors are qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (−40°C to +125°C) standard.

Environment standard

High current power inductor CSCM Family features RoHS, REACH compliant, Halogen-free.

Production status

As with all CODACA parts, CSCM Family has been in mass production. Samples and complete technical specifications are available to clients after inquiry.

CSCM1265 Series:大电流电感CPEX新增CPEX2017L、CPEX2022L两大系列(图4)CSCM1265.pdf

CSCM1460 Series:大电流电感CPEX新增CPEX2017L、CPEX2022L两大系列(图4)CSCM1460.pdf

CSCM1480 Series:大电流电感CPEX新增CPEX2017L、CPEX2022L两大系列(图4)CSCM1480.pdf