CSCIL Series Ultra-Low Core Loss SMD High Current Power Inductors



Nov 2021, Shenzhen-CODACA, the global leading high current power inductor manufacturer has launched a new SMD high current power inductor CSCIL series which offer exceptionally low DC resistance, and ultra-low core loss, making them ideal for POL, DC-DC converter, high current switching power supplier and etc.

SMD Power Inductors

1-Ultra-Low power Loss 

2-Current ratings up to 65 Amps

3-Excellent coplanarity and stability of installation

New magnetic powder core with ultra-low core loss

CSCIL series fixed inductor are designed with alloy magnetic powder core technology and they are available with current ratings of up to 65 Amps, ultra-low DC losses, and extremely low AC losses for a wide range of DC-DC converters. The temperatures rise current and saturation current is less influenced by the environment. Furthermore, the magnetic shielded structure makes it has resistant to electromagnetic interference.

CSCIL series SMD inductor require less PCB space during surface mounting. The additional third terminal welding position on the base of the product can effectively improve the mechanical stability of installation on the PCB. Meanwhile, the base design results in excellent coplanarity. 

Environment requirement

The CSCIL series high current power inductors feature RoHS/REACH compliant and are halogen-free.

Production status

The CSCIL series have been in mass production and samples are available to clients after inquiry.