New Molding Power Choke for Digital AMP Achieves Smaller PCB Space and Better Sound Quality



September Shenzhen-CODACA, the global leading high current power inductor manufacturer has launched new CSAD series molding power choke for digital AMP offers solutions for small PCB space and better sound quality design. The significant improvement in structure and soft saturation make the CSAD series ideal for class D digital amplifiers, home theater, multimedia speakers, car audios, and much more.

Power Inductor

Save PCB space

Molding power choke for digital AMP CSAD series with two-in-one magnetically shielded structure design, which combined two pieces molding power choke in one packaging, it can replace 2 inductors required in the noise filtering function of the Class D audio amplifier. 

Reduce noise with high efficiency

Molding power chokes for the digital APM CSAD series is designed with low loss alloy powder and offers soft saturation characteristic. The noise is minimized during high transient current peaks. CSAD series can make better sound quality and less audio distortion.


Inductor for Digital AMP

Environmental standard

CSAD series SMD inductor features Halogen-free, RoHS, REACH compliant.

Production status

As with all CODACA parts, CSAD series fixed inductor has been in mass production and samples are available to clients after inquiry.