Electronica China 2021



April 14th-16th,2021, CODACA has attended the exhibition of Electronica China 2021 in Shanghai New International Expo Centre.


The highlight of the company’s exhibits includes the latest online design tool, which can help purchasers and engineers quickly find the solutions that can meet the design requirements from a large of inductance models, to improve the efficiency and the accuracy of inductor selection.


Other focal points are CODACA new products:

1. High saturation high current power inductor

Designed with high BM alloy magnetic particle core and featured with soft saturation characteristics, it can handle high peak ripple current.

DCR is 50% lower than toroid inductor which is same dimension and inductance value, to achieve lower power loss.

In addition, the electrical performance is less affected by temperature, and there is no thermal aging problem.Therefor, it can work stably in high temperature environment for a long time.

Ideal applicated in automobile, new energy fields.



2. High frequency & high current power inductor

Shielded structure design to reduce magnetic leakage, and featured with extra low DC resistance and high saturation current.

Applied in communication base station power supply, voltage rise and fall converter, server, battery power supply equipment, network communication equipment, and other fields.



3. Automotive grade molding power choke 

VSAB series is designed by metal alloy powder core, which brings the advantages of small size, low loss, low DC resistance, and high working current. The shielded structure can reduce magnetic leakage and provide excellent EMI performance. In addition, VSAB series are qualified to AEC-

Q200 Grade 1 (−40°C to +125°C) standards



For CODACA, Electronica China is not only an event to present new products, but also an opportunity to share knowledge. We will invite our customers to attend the meeting to discuss the technical bottlenecks encountered in their project, application evaluation of various inductors, loss evaluation, etc.