Extremely Low DC Resistance High Current Power Inductor CPEX3231A series



Extremely Low DC Resistance High Current Power Inductor CPEX3231A series

Nov.22,2021, Shenzhen-CODACA, the global leading high current power inductor manufacturer, has launched a THT high current power inductor CPEX2020A series,it’s designed with new magnetic powder core technology, with stable inductance, saturation over operating temperature, extremely high DC bias capability, and high efficiency.

Ultra-low Loss and No Thermal Aging

CPEX3231A series offer soft saturation characteristics to withstand high current spikes. The flat-wire construction design offers exceptionally low DCR and ultra-low AC losses to minimize losses and reduce temperature rise. The saturation current up to 86 Amps and lowest Rdc 0.88 mΩ under 25°C working environment, this product is exhibiting no thermal aging issues. 

Besides, it has the characteristics of resistance to cold and heat shock, moisture resistance, mechanical shock, and vibration resistance.There have three inductances of 10μH , 27μH , 33μH  for your selection and feature.


CPEX3231A series can be widely used in DC-DC converters, POL converters, high current switching power supplies, photovoltaic inverters, VRM modules, automotive applications, etc.

Environment Standard

CPEX3231A series features RoHS, REACH-compliant, Halogen-Free.

Production statue

As with all CODACA parts, CPEX3231A series has been in mass production.

For more information or samples, please contact us or use CODACA online design tool for easy sorting out matching part numbers as well as inductor loss estimation.