CODACA High-current High-inductance Power Inductors CSCF family



CODACA High-current High-inductance Power Inductors CSCF family

Sep 15,2020, Shenzhen-CODACA, the global leading high current power inductor manufacturer provides high-current, high-inductance power inductors CSCF family, including 9 series, the size from 22.5*21.8*12.0mm to 34.5*32.0*18.5mm, with inductance values ranging from 0.7 µH to 47 µH. CSCF2915 series saturation current more than 100 Amps. The wide range of sizes and inductance values are ideal for POL, VRM, VRD, and other high-power applications.


Mn-Zn ferrite core with low loss

CSCF family designed with flat-wire winding results in exceptionally low DC resistance. Mn-Zn ferrite core with low loss characteristic over wide temperature range helps reducing the core loss in the voltage conversion effectively, as well as a low- temperature rise. The hard terminal design of CSCF family further strengthens the welding firmness. And the excellent temperature stability makes it ideal for a variety of complex applications.



CSCF family high power inductor are widely used in high current DC/DC power converter, switching power suppliers, and other high current filtering applications. CODACA  has also extended through-hole high current power inductor CPCF series, with enhanced mechanical stability of installation on the PCB.


Environment requirement

CSCF family fixed inductor are RoHS/REACH compliant and halogen-free


Production status

CSCF family SMD inductor has been in mass production. For more information or samples, please contact us or search CSCF and use CODACA online design tool to check losses now.