CODACA CSBX Family Ultra Low-loss Power Inductors for DC-DC Power Supply



CODACA CSBX family Ultra Low-loss Power Inductors for DC-DC Power Supply

Jun 15, 2021, Shenzhen-CODACA, the global leading high current power inductor manufacturer has developed the compact high current power inductors CSBX family including 14 series, the size from 7.0*6.9*3.0mm to 22.5*22*12mm, with inductance values ranging from 0.1µH to 100 µH. CSBX series saturation current range from 6.5Amps to 110Amps. The wide range of sizes and inductance values are ideal for power supplies with different power.


AEC-Q200 Grade 0(-55℃ to +155℃)

CSBX family fixed inductor qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 0, making it ideal for high-temperature applications.

It’s designed with a new magnetic powder core that features low magnetic core loss and excellent soft saturation characteristics to withstand the high peak current. And the excellent temperature stability makes it work well from -55℃ to +155℃.

The flat-wire winding results in exceptionally low DC resistance, and a magnetic shielded structure with excellent resistance to electromagnetic interference.


Environment requirement

CSBX family high power inductor are RoHS/REACH compliant,halogen-free, and also can provide AEC-Q200 test reports.

Production status

CSBX family has been in mass production. For more information or samples, please contact us or search CSBX and use CODACA online design tool for easy sorting out matching part numbers as well as inductor loss estimation.