Automotive Grade Molded Power Inductors VSEB Series



Automotive Grade Molded Power Inductors VSEB Series

Sept. 15, 2022, Shenzhen CODACA, global leading high current power inductor manufacturer, has upgraded molded power inductor CSEB family to automotive grade inductors VSEB-H family with higher performance, it includes VSEB0430H, VSEB0530H, VSEB0630H, VSEB0730H, and VSEB0850H.

Electrical performance upgraded, ideal for automotive applications.

VSEB-H family is qualified for AEC-Q200 Grade 0 and offers extremely high current for automotive applications. The molded construction is the best solution to achieve maximum power density.

VSEB-H family molded power inductors are designed with high current flat wire, it's offer exceptionally low DC resistance and ultra-low AC losses for greater power converter efficiency at high frequencies and high ripple current. 

They also feature rugged, composite construction that provides magnetic shielding and minimizes audible buzzing. The soft saturation characteristics to withstand high current spikes.

The molding power choke of VSEB-H family operating temperature is −55°C to +155°C and exhibits no thermal aging issues, making them ideal for automotive and other harsh-environment applications. 

Environment requirement

VSEBH family shielded power inductors are RoHS/REACH compliant,halogen-free, and also can provide AEC-Q200 test reports.

Production status

VSEBH family SMD power inductors has been in mass production. For more information or samples, please contact us or search VSEB and use CODACA online design tool for easy sorting out matching part numbers as well as inductor loss estimation.