Hot Press Molding power choke CSHB0410 Series for High-temperature Applications



Oct. 22, 2021, Shenzhen CODACA, global leading high current power inductor manufacturer, has introduced CSHB0410 series ultra-thin flat wire molding power choke. The size is only 4.4*4.2*0.8mm. The lightweight design is suitable for high-density mounting and can save the PCB space. The inductance value ranges from 3.3uH to 10.0uH.

Hot Pressed with High Performance

Molding power choke CSHB0410 series is hot pressed by alloy powder and has excellent soft saturation characteristics. The coil winding by flat wire provides ultra-low DC and AC resistance to achieve high power at high frequency, low-temperature rise, and minimize the power loss. The working temperature is -40℃~+125℃.

CSHB0410 series composite construction provides magnetic shielding and minimizes audible buzzing, It's also feature with excellent anti-electromagnetic interference ability. The ultra-thin design can resist 100G gravity acceleration mechanical shock and 5G vibration shock.



CSHB0410 series molding power choke is widely used in smart products, tablet products, networks, communication, etc.

 Hot Press Molding power choke CSHB0410 Series for High-temperature Applications


Environment Standard

CSHB0410 series molding power choke features RoHS/REACH compliant and halogen-free.

Production statue

As with all CODACA parts, CSHB0410 series has been in mass production and samples are available.

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CSEB0410 series:molding power chokeCSEB0410.pdf