High-efficiency Power Inductors for 12V – 48V DC-DC Converters



High-efficiency Power Inductors for 12V – 48V DC-DC Converters

October 15 2021, Shenzhen - CODACA, a leading high current power inductor manufacturer, has released CPAG2222 series of high current power inductors, which are designed with magnetic powder core technology, providing stable inductance, high saturation current, and low core loss even at high operating temperatures. The magnetic shielded structure can reduce electromagnetic interference(EMI) at high frequencies.

High current up to 113 Amps and low DCR

Fixed inductor CPAG2222 series offer current ratings up to 113 Amps and very low DCR (0.62 to 2.08 mΩ),which can minimize core loss and reduce temperature rise. Soft saturation is stable over temperature and enables high peak current handling. 

CPAG2222 series shielded inductor are available in 13 inductance values from 1.9 µH to 10µH. Their operating temperature ranges from -55℃ to +150℃(Including the coil’s temperature rise), making it ideal for bi-directional 12V – 48V DC-DC converters and other high-temperature applications. And the hot-dipped Sn plating provides a low risk of whisker growth. 

Environment requirement

High current power inductors of CPAG2222 series features Halogen-free, RoHS/REACH compliant.

Production status

As with all CODACA parts, this high power inductor CPAG2222 series has been in mass production.

For more information or samples, please contact us or use CODACA online design tool for easy sorting out matching part numbers as well as inductor loss estimation.

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