New Automotive Grade High Current Power Inductor VSRU27 Series



Sep 15,2022, Shenzhen-CODACA, the global leading high current power inductor manufacturer  has developed new automotive grade high current power inductor VSRU27 series with 8 inductance values from 0.1 to 15 microhenry, and the saturation current range from 23 to 101.5 Amps.



Flat wire & EE-shaped magnetic core minimized losses


VSRU27 series flat wire wound with an extremely low DC and AC resistance, helps for achieving very high current capability, low-temperature rise, and minimized losses. The EE-shaped magnetic core is made with symmetrical air gap with ultimate utilization of gap area, which greatly boosts the DC bias current and anti-saturation ability.


VSRU27 series DC resistance range from 0.46 to 1.92 milliohms, the working temperature range from minus 55 to plus 150 degrees Celsius. The additional third terminal can effectively improve the soldering strength and anti- vibration ability.

They are RoHS/REACH compliant and halogen-free.




VSRU27 series SMD inductor can be widely used in DC-DC converters, POL converters, high current switching power supplies, photovoltaic inverters, VRM modules, automotive applications, etc.



Environment Standard

VSRU27 series fixed inductor features RoHS, REACH-compliant, Halogen-Free.



Production statue

As with all CODACA parts, VSRU27 series has been in mass production and samples are available.

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